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Luke Cummo returns at UFC 87

Tamdan McCrory is apparently taking some time away from finishing college and trying to get laid in order to fight Luke Cummo at UFC87. We here at Fightlinker are huge Cummo fans … seeing creepy looking dudes like him succeed gives me the warm glow in my heart that someday I too might be able to succeed in spite of my child-molester appearance.

I suppose we should hold off on calling Luke a success yet … you get the feeling that McCrory/Cummo is an eliminator match, with the loser getting a big fat pink slip. Here’s hoping my man Cummo is gonna show up fit and ready. There was talk of him dropping to lightweight after his last loss to Luigi Fioravanti, which makes sense for him since you don’t exactly pile on the pounds when you’re only ingesting millet, sticks and urine.