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Luke Cummo responds to chicken wing gate

Okay, just kidding. There will be no ‘chicken wing gate’, mainly because it’s too entertaining to write out that Luke Cummo was pulled over for driving under the influence of chicken. Not so entertaining is the fact that Luke was charged for driving while intoxicated. Fortunately if he was telling the truth about how this whole thing went down, his piss will be clean and he will be cleared. He should hope that his piss is clean … after all, he does drink it.

Anyways, here’s the story straight from Luke on what happened:

Man it seems like I’ve been posting only bad news lately – first I pulled out of my fight and now this!

Well here’s the story straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak:

Last Monday I left Ray Longo’s gym after teaching the beginner boxing class. I then went to a friend’s house for a Monday Night Football party. Little did I know that this was also a weed party. When I walked in the festivities were already underway and I entered a room filled with smoke so thick I could’ve cut it with a knife. A smarter man would have left then and there, but there were fellows in attendance who I hadn’t seen in years. So I hung out until the game was pretty much over and before long I was feeling the effects of the second-hand smoke. Blunt after blunt (cigar filled with maryjane) was lit and I couldn’t help but inhale alot of smoke. Now I’m not a user, but I am a hippie and in my younger days I did some experimenting, so I know what it feels like to be high. I got high – dumb move on my part.

Here’s where it gets really bad…
As it appeared the game was hopeless for the New York Giants, we decided to end the party and go out for food. I was in the middle of a 3-day non-Lifefood binge and the choice for dinner was… wait for it… 10-cent hotwings! Its embarassing to promote the healthiest diet and be caught red-handed (well maybe red-fingered) eating what could be the worst of the worst: fried chicken juiced with hormones and antibiotics.

If you have a carpet piled high with garbage and spill a little chocolate pudding on it, it won’t show as much as if you spill it on a clean carpet. The effect of the wings was very noticeable to me. Immediately after leaving the restaurant I felt sluggish and tired, and after dropping someone off I began to fall asleep at the wheel as I made my way home. I must have been swerving more than normal (my wife says I drive like Bobby Weaver) because the police pulled me over and said I was changing lanes without signalling. I blew clean on the breathalizer so the cop accused me of doing Oxycontin or something. He didn’t believe me that I was in a food coma! The effects of the smoke had been gone for hours.

Alas, I spent the night in jail and submitted to a urine test. I have a court date in November and most likely will have to pay a fine and lose my license for 6 months.

As the saying goes: everything happens for a reason. I was considering a career change to something more stable than fighting and I even took the test for the NYPD. I won’t be considered now and probably end up fighting for longer than I planned. The UFC did send me an extension of my contract so hopefully I will be able to book something for next year. I still have to work out a training schedule that I can feel comfortable with and still be able to raise my son the way I want to.

Anyway guys, I hope you stay with me here and continue to make this the best forum on the web.