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Luke Cummo on pulling out

Last week, Luke Cummo canceled his fight with Steve Bruno at the UFC’s “Fight for the Troops” event, citing an undisclosed injury. Now he’s posted up a message on his forum to update everyone on the situation:

Its amazing how life just zips by. Only a few years ago I was a single, up and coming MMA fighter with a few clients on the side. Now, I’m married with children and teaching full-time (well, technically part-time as I’m home weekdays with my son). This is a major reason why I decided to pull out of the “UFC Fight for the Troops”.

Every morning I wake up and bring my son into bed with me so we can get a couple extra hours of sleep when his mom goes to work. During the day we make food, clean the house, play, and go for walks. As soon as my wife gets home from work I go to the gym. I either have class or clients to teach, so I end up missing out while Drago, George Sot, Costa the Killer, and others train hardcore for their fights. It would be irresponsible for me to go into a fight unprepared.

The other thing is injuries. You might have experience in this area or maybe you’ve heard from other fighters how grueling MMA training can be. Injuries are inevitable. Over the years I’ve been beaten down, choked out, I’ve had my joints stretched, wrenched, and twisted. I’m almost 30 years old – pro Thai boxers have been retired 10 years already at this age.

Now I have inside information from someone who is very deep in the sport of professional MMA. He goes to ALL the shows and knows everyone who’s anyone. He told me that 8 out of 10 fighters are on “the sauce”. I’m not condemning or condoning the use of steroids, HGH, or any other performance enhancing substance. I know that at the highest level of competition, people are looking for ways to improve their athletic ability as well as their recovery time. Personally, I refuse to do anything that will affect me negatively in the way of side effects or something later on in life. As the saying goes, “the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long”. I’m in it for the long haul.

So now I am doing Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation program, not for a fight, but for my own health. I hope to be able to take this respite to heal my injuries naturally and improve all functions of my system. It may take awhile, but as soon as I am ready and able to train properly I will once again step into the octagon. Who knows how many fights I have left in me – I’d better make them good ones!

So to break things down, he pulled out because:

1. He doesn’t have the time to train
2. He’s got nagging injuries
3. Everyone else is on steroids

There’s a decent amount of fighters that take time off to heal, so I’m okay with that. I’m a bit amazed at the steroid accusations, though. Why Luke would decide to tie in some pretty controversial statements to an already potentially controversial reason for pulling out of a fight is beyond me. But hey, a lot of shit Luke does is beyond me.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the deal is with Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation program, it’s all about getting your body to naturally produce as much HGH as possible. Seems harmless enough, but you never really know with Jubb.