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Luke Cummo is fasting

If there’s one thing Quinton Jackson has taught us, it’s that nothing good ever comes out of fasting. But he’s not the only UFC fighter out there who thinks it’s the cat’s pyjamas:

When Cummo steps into the octagon against the well-rounded McCrory (10-1), his digestive system will be completely empty. While some fighters replenish fluids and load back up on carbs after cutting weight post-weigh-ins, Cummo—who hasn’t had to cut an ounce in his past three bouts, a natural welterweight if there ever was one—refrains from eating anything. He fasts.

“This way, all my energy will be available for the task at hand,” he says. “The days leading up to the fight I’m going to rest as much as possible and do what I can to build my mineral reserves.”

I’m down with Luke Cummo’s hardcore diet. It’s not something I’d do, but more power to him if he can live off twigs and dirt. I’m even okay with drinking urine and coffee enemas. I don’t know enough about either topics to be able to dismiss them. But come on … fasting??? BEFORE A FIGHT? I’d really like to know when he started doing that. If it was before the Luigi Fioravanti fight, it’d certainly explain a whole lot.