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Low expectations

The way Dana White talks about signing over the hill boxing guy James Toney, you’d think he blacked out during one of his late night casino adventures and woke up the next day with a completed UFC contract, a massive hangover, and Toney locked in his bathroom. Since the deal was announced he hasn’t been able to explain why they made it or even what the general plan for opponents was. So I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that he’s not really building the guy up on the path to his fight against Randy Couture:

“I think James Toney is going to lose too,” White said Monday on The MMA Hour, when questioned about his signing of Toney even though he believes Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao would both lose in a fight under MMA rules.

White eased off his prediction shortly by stating that Couture has more tools than the longtime boxer/MMA newcomer Toney. “To be honest, who knows if he’s going to lose?” White said. “I say it all the time about all different kinds of fights. You never know until they fight, but if you look at the things and you weigh it out. He has a puncher’s chance of course. Can he clip Couture and knock him out? Of course of he could, but all signs point to Randy Couture should win the fight.”

Randy Couture is considered to be a relatively smart guy when it comes to gameplans and you gotta figure his strategy is going to be take this thing to the ground as quickly as possible. And while guys like Herschel Walker have shown that you can learn a decent amount over a few months of MMA training, that isn’t going to mean much when Toney tries to apply his newb skills against an experienced veteran like Couture. Plus, it’s not like Toney is even on the same level as Walker. Walker is borderline psycho when it comes to keeping fit and active. Toney isn’t even willing to fight Couture at 205 pounds because that would mean losing his jelly belly.