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Low Blow mailbag time!

Hey y’all, it’s mailbag time. We were going to record the show tonight, but my liver flinched and screamed like Madonna when she was married to Sean Penn. So we’re delaying until Wednesday night to give you guys time to submit your questions (and time for me to recover from the world’s longest hangover).

So put your mailbag questions in the comments section of this post by Wednesday 6pm EST and we’ll answer them to the best of our shoddy abilities. If you’re still jonesing for your Low Blow fix, you did notice we recorded a very special UFC 85 show, right???

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    What does the ink on your arms mean? Did you cry like a little girl when you were getting the work done?

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    Should the UFC scrap the heavyweight division and steal the WEC’s 145lbs. division?

    Who, in your some what expert opinion, is the best fighter turned commentator?

  • Tommy says:

    Why don’t you guys ask your boy Sam Caplan why he posts that he’s into shemales over good looking women, then takes it down the next day when he’s not drunk.

  • Tertio says:

    Now that there is a lot of MMA footage being freely available on u-tube and other sites from a shitload of organisations do you think the UFC would benefit from nuking its on demand scheme and let its video library available to the public for free ? Do you think it would help promote the UFC and real MMA in general ?

  • MRC54 says:

    I’ll answer that for you…No.

  • Stellar53 says:

    Since you are recording your show on Wednesday, one day before the HUGE announcement from Dana, what do you two think he is going to announce?

  • Do you think Alves should be dropped from the UFC if he fails to make weight again?

    Evan Tanner gave an interview last week and said that the new generation of fighters are “soft” compared to old school fighters, do you agree?

  • Carcass says:

    Who do you think would be a good next fight for Bisping (disregarding the fact that you hate him)? Obviously he needs a few more fights before he gets a shot at Franklin or Silva but who is next? Leben? Marquardt? Also, along the same lines, who do you think is next for Silva? I reckon Okami…

  • Fightlinker is#1 says:

    There’s been some talk about Hughes not performing at the level he once did when he was younger.With people like Couture and even Liddell(when he fought Wanderlei) who have been able to implement sound strategies by diversifying there game.Do you really believe Hughes has been on a losing streak because of age or because he has never expanded his game?Moreover, Fightlinker do you feel Jake prefers the taste of your jizzum before or after you’ve withdrawn from your rear entry romp?

  • WTF happened to Miletich? When will we see you immortalized in a new Matt Polly book?
    Who should UFC add to their hall of fame (other than Tito Ortiz) next?

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    What’s the next blog bet on the FL radar?

  • Gong says:

    So, who dyou think should Vera lose to before he moves to light heavy?

    My pick: Eddie Sanchez.

    And: Will you do a bet with Bloody Elbow next? 😀

  • Joon4s says:

    1) I know you guys love top lists, so rank top and bottom three nicknames in MMA.

    2) Which one is cooler, a piledriver or a cranekick?

    3) Do you think that Anderson Silva is overhyped? Don’t get me wrong, he’s the best MW in the world (and maybe p4p too), but is he still too hyped? You could compare it to a blowjob where you already came but the girl keeps going.

    3a) Do you think that A-bomb can handle 205? Rampage, Shogun, Liddell, Wandy etc.

  • Gaston says:

    Hows your jiu-jutsu nowadays? Will we ever see you fight?

  • MadMan says:

    I know you guys aren’t too into TUF, but who do
    you think will win season 7? And do you think the
    matchups for the semi-finals are as shitty as I do.
    (I think they’re pretty shitty)

    I think Amir Sadollah vs Tim Credeur and
    Jesse Taylor vs CB Dollaway should have been
    the way to go.

  • godzillad says:

    How well do you think Marquardt would do if he went back to 170?

    How would Mark Hunt vs Kimbo go?

    How do you feel about Bloody Elbow’s FAN POSTS being used on the main blog? Someone used a small part of a poll on a pro wrestling site to bury WEC and praise EXC.

    Why does everyone say they don’t care about Arlovski when he’s in the UFC and then jump on his nutz when he fights a blown up Light Heavyweight bum for a t-shirt company?

    Was it a bitch move for American Top Team to not call the UFC and ask Hughes to spot them the weight? They made Hughes cut to 170 and then called him a pussy if he wouldn’t fight and ruin the card again.

    Why won’t the UFC say ”Fuck you” to Machida and make him fight a guy with a violent clinch like Shogun?

    Random question:
    What would Ryan have done if Face/Off kept it’s original ending of Sean Archer looking into a mirror and seeing Castor Troy? How much would that have played into the semi-Stockholm Syndrome he developed after meeting Troy’s son?

  • Niceguy says:

    Creepiest picture ever.

  • Niceguy says:

    Creepiest picture ever.

  • P W says:

    Not to long ago, The Low Blow celebrated its one year anniversary. I think you should take the opportunity to recap some of the highs and lows (blows? haha! hehe… erhhh… *cough*) over the past year – not just acknowledge it and move on. I’m sure the jackals can come up with some suggestions.

    – The commercials, especially the ones for GSPs english class, Monster Rings, and Sean-Fu
    – Every time Jake speaks with a phony Japanese, French, or German accent
    – The Cincinnati-episode, 1 h of whispering in a hotel room!

    Lows (I can only recall the most recent episodes):
    – The hating on Machida after his win against Tito
    – Suggesting that aborting Pulver’s unborn child with a coat hanger might get his fighting spirit back

  • Ineedgirlfriend says:

    What do you think about Affliction and Donald Trump getting involved in it? Do you believe they can become a serious organisation?

    I mean they have 6 or 7 HW fighters from top10 and they continue to impress with getting Trump on the board… but i just dont get why a clothing company is investing so much $ in such a risky business. Something tells me they wont stay around for long.

  • kentyman says:

    Can you go an entire Low Blow without criticizing each others grammar, segues, etc.? :)


  • atom says:

    Now that Affliction has Trump on their side, and a second show seems more likely, what will they do considering everyone they have signed is on this coming card.

    LW, WW, and HW have contenders lined up.. who’s at the front of the line, or who should be matched up to determine it in the MW and LHW division.

  • DannyP72 says:

    How good do you think Eddie Alverez is compared to the other top lightweights? How well would he do in the UFCs lightweight divison?

  • JohnMatrix says:

    Do you think training 6 to 8 hours a day is overkill for a pro fighter? The law of diminishing returns has to kick in somewhere, and there is definitely a higher risk of injury and greater wear and tear on the body. What do you folks think?

  • JohnMatrix says:

    Will Mark Hughes become the Frank Stallone of MMA?

  • Does the UFC regularly pay for the medical bills and training costs? For instance, the TUF guy who got his jaw broken by Matt Riddle in the elimination round was covered by the UFC while Kalib Starnes said that the UFC refused to assist on his medical bills even before his match against Nate Quarry.

  • pillow says:

    Where’s the GSP training footage?

    Who do you see as the UFC’s next big competitor, Affliction and their star power or EliteXC and their prominant network position?

  • Uchibangbang says:

    godzillad I have the answer to your ‘How would Mark Hunt vs Kimbo go?’ question

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Which of these fights would you most like to see;

    Thiago Silva Vs Machida
    Shogun Vs Chuck
    Wanderlei Vs Rampage III

    Who would win in a straight grappling contest between
    A-Bomb Silva and Ricardo Almeida?

    If you could punch any of the following in the face with no comebacks which would you choose?

    Gary Shaw,
    Kalib Starnes,
    Kevin Iole.

    Who’s left for Urinal Faber to fight except KID Yamamoto?

  • TuX says:

    Do you think Dana started to pull his hair out after the Vera fight for criticizing the EliteEX card and calling it a shamles?
    (i did notice that Herb Dean reffed the next fight)

    Any Chance in a FIGHTLINKER FUCK OFF AND DIE pertition to get Dan Mirgliogagalata to get fired! So then he can use his martial arts skills to feed his family and we all can have the pleasure so seeing him get fucked up by JT or mabee the UFC could sign him so Vera can have a go.

  • TuX says:

    Dana White was saying in The Rollong Stone magazine/website:
    ‘I dont know how much more i can take’
    Is the news that he is stepping down? if he would at any point who would do his job as good or better?

    any of theese fit the bill?

    Tito Ortiz,
    Donald Trump,
    Bas Rutten,
    Hillary Clinton,
    Dan Mirgliogagalata ?

  • TuX says:

    Do you belive Tito Ortiz has lost his ability to be a top 10 fighter anymore becaure Jenna Jameson has litterally sucked every ounce of testostrone out of his body?

  • godzillad says:

    Shit I think I meant that last question for Jake. The one who does voices. Man I’ve been following this site for over a year and I can’t tell the two of you apart.

  • TuX says:

    Do you Jackals think that 2008 is turning out to be year of the bullshit stoppages?

  • kentyman says:

    Ryan actually does the voices.

  • jrichard4457 says:

    If UFC ever gets a network deal what fighters would you want on the card that would show MMA in a good way?

    I get on a lot of MMA websites and they all seem to be on Roy Nelson’s nuts forgive me but I can’t buy into a guy with bigger tits than Gina Caranos and a bigger beer belly than Tank Abbotts how are you supposed to say you’re a sport with that as the champion of your oganization your thoughts?

    How do you think Ronaldo Jacare Souza would do in the UFC

  • The_Project says:

    To start off to answer your question from the previous mailbag me and that Lord Jake guy are not friends

    If Anderson Silva moves to Light heavyweight do you think they’ll make the Henderson-Franklin fight a title fight and who would win?

    Rich Cockface Clementi recently said before his ufc 84 fight that he doesn’t see himself losing to anybody under 25 years old unless it’s georges st. pierre what’s your thoughts on this?

    I think that for the whole Ultimate fighter finale the UFC is just finding all they’re dead weight and putting them against each other and anybody who loses is out of the UFC your thoughts?

  • P W says:

    kentyman: Is it possible that Jake is just one of Ryan’s silly voices? It would explain why they sound so similar. I think we are on to something here!

  • threenutsinabag says:

    Was the kimbo fight fixed? sure looked like it to me.
    Also will we ever see one ref certifying agency that will have licensing and a set of standards that will make refs more consistent?

  • threenutsinabag says:

    Is Alves juicing? Are fighters tested in the UK?

  • miken says:

    Poor stoppages and sketchy reffing is always a hot topic, so in light of all the recent relatively large reffing fuck-ups, what does your top 10 referee list look like? And who’s the class dunce that needs to re-enrol in referee school?

  • Stellar53 says:

    Since you already answered my first question; What would you two like to see Dana announce Thursday?

    What are the top 3 fights (already scheduled or just dream fights) you really, really want to see this year.

    Urijah Faber is a badass and look unbeatable at 145. What do you think is in store for him and do you think he should move up to 155 for the UFC?

  • Smart Ass says:

    Would you hit MMA Girl?

    I’d triangle choke her with my greasy cock in her mouth. She’s really silly girl but very fuckable. Sorry 4 my english.

  • Si says:

    EliteXC:- what do they do next? There’s an event in July, which basically means all-new fighters on network TV, who should they push into the limelight?

    Swick:- you sold on him yet? I’m fucking not, he looks worse than at he did at MW.

    and finally, us Brits get all PPVs live from next month onwards (starting with Griffin vs Jackson), on cable (as opposed to a couple of days after). You jealous? Looking forward to a new batch of idiots to interact with when liveblogging events etc?

  • kentyman says:

    Heard anything about when we’ll see the CagePotato ipecac video?

  • TuX says:

    Rampage recently stated on tv he was doing a test screening for the new A-Team Movie as Mr T. If he was to land such a big role could you see this ending his career sooner than later, as he proudly states he only fights for the money and would/could earn a far greater wage as a holywood actor than a MMA fighter?

  • Anubis says:

    Can you believe that Elite XC has the balls to headline a show with a manufactured douchebag “champion” (sarcasm intended) like KJ Noons? Whatever happened to Crazy Horse Bennett. Is he still in jail? He may be a methed out, hood rat, psycho pimp, but he was damned entertaining.

  • The Son of Xenu says:

    What do you think of an Alves vs. Karo rematch in September, winner gets the next title shot?

    Thanks for the new GA cast!

  • Dr.Death says:

    Why does Phil Macaroni, (the cheesiest fighter) suck so much?

  • ninjitsu says:

    Big John wants knees on the ground to be legal, and he is talking to atheletic commisions about it.

    What do you think about knees on the ground?

    How do you think a “mainstream” audience would react to knees on the ground?

  • kentyman says:


    We decided in the #fightlinker chat that Phil’s cheesy entrance with the peppy dancing is the “Pep-Baroni and Cheese”.