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The Low Blow: Mailbag Edition

That’s right people. Because of the complete lack of UFC action going on at the moment, we’d like to spend a bit of time on the radio show answering some reader mail. Questions and comments are very welcome, just make sure to add them to this post before 9PM EST to guarantee we get to them. While we may not have Jordan Breen’s encyclopedic knowledge or Josh Gross’ supple breasts, we’d like to think we can shed some “insight” onto whatever’s going on in that hampster-wheel operated brains of yours.

  • Jake says:

    Question to myself:
    “Dear Jake,
    Why are you so awesome?

    Signed, Your Left Hand”

  • steve24 says:

    It would be interesting to hear your guys thoughts on:

    GSP VS KOS (maybe a breakdown of both the fighters and your opinions on who’s going to take it. People seem to think this is going to be a walk in the park for GSP giving KOS no credit.

    Liddell vs Jardine: Why every MMA blogger thinks this is the worse match-up in MMA history (except for me). Every other contender for Chuck already has fights scheduled so bloggers just don’t seem to understand that.

    Serra vs Hughes: Why the whole divsion has to be on hold for a title fight for over 8 months when Serra vs Hughes is not really that great of a match-up.

  • How about this one:

    “Dear Fightlinker, why is your co-host so lame? How about you find a co-host who knows what they’re talking about and isn’t a total gaylord?
    Everyone who listens to the show”

  • MJC_123 says:

    Right….Make some predictions.
    The state of play in MMA/UFC one year from today.
    Who will be holding the titles?
    What match-ups will we have seen?
    Pride….. Dead or Alive?

    Will MMA still be considered “the fastest growing sport in Dana-land” a year from now.

    Peace hombre,
    Mike (All the way from merry England)

  • Asa says:

    Love the show, first time listener, long time caller. Three quick questions:

    1) When will your sidekick work up the nerve to interrupt you when you will not fucking stop talking about the most inane off-topic shit which is not funny? How often do you have to punish him for interrupting and ruining the funny off-topic stuff with his dirt-worshiping heathen nonsense. How often do you walk him?

    2) How do you feel about the blogoshpere’s general acceptance of Dana White’s admitted addiction to baby eating?

    3) Does Joe Daddy have the heart and BJJ to beat Sherk? Does BJ Penn for that matter? Wrestlers tend to break fighters hearts quite thoroughly, and then they lay there trying to avoid strikes instead of fighting back, a la Franca. Who can stop this horrible trend of suck? Could the BJJ world’s supposed favor of the Bud be at fault? Is he just a better wrestler than they are JJ players?

  • DJ Hapa says:

    I hope you spend some time hating on Roger Huerta and the morons in Zuffa and the MMA media who overhype him. I know I will.

    Also, who do you want to see on the next K1 Heros card in the US? What music should the DJ play?

    If you were starting a new MMA organization with the intention of competing with the UFC, what would your general plan be? Would you start with a small local show? Go PPV? Go big time? Where do you think the IFL, Bodog, Strikeforce and others ahve gone right and gone wrong?

  • dragomort says:

    In regards to Jardine-Chuck: it’s not that it’s a horrible match-up, more that it’s a horrible main event after both of them got KTFO’d by unknowns to the casual audience in under 2 minutes combined in their last outings.

    As to added questions: what sort of announcements are left for Zuffa to give us throughout this year and what the hell is going on now with Pride and it’s MIA fighters? :( It shouldn’t take a year just to get these top 10 guys a fight.

  • ajadoniz says:

    can your co-host hold his breath under water for 5 minutes? can he try?