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The Low Blow Episode 96: The Not Gatorade Show

We never miss an opportunity to talk about urine so this week’s show is dedicated to Lyoto Machida, who has just professed his enjoyment of a tall glass of wizz every day. Also discussed: Affliction’s continued insanity with the whole UFC 100 crap, who is really behind the idea, and if we’re all just unwitting participants in the dumbest guerrilla marketing campaign ever. We look at Bob Sapp and ask why he continues to thrive while Kimbo Slice is left in the dust. And lastly we mention Bobby Lashley, which is about all the time he deserves. 30 minutes long, which also seems like an appropriate amount of time to discuss MMA.


Or listen via the streamy thing below. Alas, we broke the itunes subscription with the server change, so once again there is no iTunes. Someday we’ll last a month or two between horrific RSS failures, I swear.