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The Low Blow Episode 92: Keep or Kick

We’ve got a super special show for you guys with an actual fucking agenda! We talk about all those dumb Montreal commission issues, look at the whole premature stoppages bullshit, talk about BJ Penn’s legacy and his refusal to fight on UFC 99, and discuss the possibility of a Michael Rome / Jordan Breen fight to the death. In the second half we present a new feature called “Keep or Kick”, complete with bleepity bloop sound effects and everything. Which losers from UFC 95 should the UFC keep or kick? Joe Silva, we’ve got the answers.

As well: We talk poutine vaginas, possibly break laws regarding uttering threats, and dissect the New York / MMA legislative battle. All this plus another parody commercial … in 45 tight minutes.


Or listen to it with the streaming thing below. In the next few hours I’ll update this with the new iTunes feed for all your iTunes needs. The last one got pooched so we’re gonna have to start all over again. Sorry.