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The Low Blow Episode 91: UFC 95 wrap up

Here it is folks, a day late but NOT a dollar short. We always hate the UK shows because they fuck up our flow … not only do we have to decide between live or tape delay but we end up having to watch a terrible feed because we don’t have cable. All in all, we’d rather the UFC just let us pay to watch it online in a half decent stream.
Anyways, you’ll get to hear all the bitching and whining about UK shows during the radio show, along with the happy gooey gushing you only get when half of the fighters leave the arena for mandatory CAT scans. We break down all the fights that aired on the UK version of the card, lament about the one that was shown on Spike that we didn’t get to see, and compare UK fighters to Canadian fighters with some startling revalations. All in 50 tight minutes of MMA comedy gold.


Or listen via the streamy thing below. We swear we’ll have the radio show fixed in iTunes this week. We freakin’ swear it on the sacred pickle of Saint Christopher.