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The Low Blow Episode 72: DUMBEST SHOW EVER

The general insult hurled at our radio show by haters is that the whole thing is just drunken ramblings about MMA, peppered with sex related metaphors. Typically I’d say this is only a little bit true. But this week, that statement is 1000% accurate. We drank ourselves into another dimension and recorded what may go down as the dumbest Low Blow ever recorded, and that’s saying a lot.

I could go through point by point all the factual fuckups in this show, but how about I just say there’s a lot and don’t rely on any of this information in a quiz type scenario. Fortunately most of my fuckups involved geography and not MMA. Jake on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. If you’re gonna listen to this, we have to make a deal: you don’t bring this up in the future and we won’t remind you of all the fucked up shit you’ve done while drunk.

As for what we talked about? We ignored the events from last weekend and did a news show featuring the Affliction/EliteXC co-promotion, Josh Barnett, HDNet’s sale, WEC folding it’s higher weight classes into the UFC, Gina Carano’s weight, and Jennito’s spawn. All this in roughly 45 minutes. Again, this is not a normal show. This is a dumb show. This is THE dumb show.


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