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The Low Blow Episode 63: The 8.5 Hour Night

As the title implies, tonight was a long night of MMA action indeed, clocking in at 7 hours of events followed by one hour and twenty minutes of Low Blow goodness. We started at 8pm and it’s now 4:30am. I am so full of doritos, beer, and energy drinks that I don’t know whether I need to shit, vomit, or simply die. I’m sure sometime tonight / this morning while I’m asleep my body will take care of whatever urge wins out. But that’s another story. For now let’s concentrate on the show!

We talk Affliction, we talk UFC. Megadeth, production values, and the announcers all end up being discussed on the Affliction side. The UFC’s new graphics, eye pokes, and Brandon “the Suck” Vera are mentioned in the UFC side. We line the two events up, we break down the fights, and we compare the pound for pound fighters on each card and where they go from here. All in one hour and 20 minutes of podcasty goodness.


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