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The Low Blow Episode 59: Canananada Day

Yup, it’s a national holiday up here in Canada City so we decided to record a very special (okay, not really) show to commemorate the occasion. We talk about our favorite Canadian fighters, last week’s Strikeforce card, this coming weekend’s UFC 86 event, and how the UFC fucked up the promotion for Rampage vs Forrest. Last but not least we talk Drew Fickett and Jesse ‘Pee Pants’ Taylor. All this in a tight 45 minute show.


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**UPDATE** Hey guys, It’s Jake here. We’ve decided to switch our bullshit iTunes feed over to something a little less gay. Most of you who listen to the show on it were used to hearing horrible Talkshoe ads. Well, fuck that noise. We now have a different feed altogether. Please be sure to go on iTunes and subscribe to the new format! Look for Fightlinker, and select the podcast with the Jackal face on it!