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The Low Blow Episode 58: The really really gay show

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means: another episode of the Low Blow radio show delivered to you from above by the angels. I think that’s how they’re made … my part in all this is to drink like 7 beers with a funnel and then I black out. When I come to, the radio show is complete and that’s all there is to it.

This week, we talk Kim Couture’s smashing debut, how shitty old UFC events were, Tim Credeur’s ADD woes, and the rest of the Ultimate Fighter card (except Riddle / Rivera, which sucked nuts). You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hear some things I wish I hadn’t said, but I’m not skilled enough with audio editing equipment to remove from the podcast. 1 hour of unadulterated skeezy fun for you and yours.


Or stream it on that black thingy to your right. Or let iTunes do the heavy lifting for you! Follow your heart, it will tell you which way feels right.

  • Omomatta says:

    The show was awesome.

  • Johnny Bag of Donuts says:

    Yeah…what he said.

  • Guy #3 says:

    True that.

  • Omomatta says:

    hee hee hee.

  • Told you Aoki is a bitch

  • koolpaw says:

    with Every episode of lowblow, i learn expression of English. i learned usage of “No Offence” this time.

    ” Dude, u r gay but No Offence”
    “Shes got silicon boobs and horse face on her shoulder , No offence”
    “2 Caranos weight over stoned head guy is a prick , i mean it No offence”

    thank you so much fightlinker san!

    P.S. Tanner is always welcomed to fight in Japan, No need to go to some minor leagues in Canada, No offence.

  • toolverine says:

    The thought of someone learning about grammar, word use, pronunciation or any other aspect of English is frightening.

  • I went ATM on the diaz brothers says:

    holy fuck that show was more wheat grass

  • Seeing Sanchez just reminds me, I haven’t seen anything on here, or any other mma sites, about Ali Sonoma being a current contestant on the mole. My guess would be she’s the mole since it seems like she left the UFC to do this dumb show she must be getting something out of it.

  • War movie and porn? sounds like a night at my house.

  • guy lafleur says:

    Instead of calling this eps the Really, Really Gay show how about you just change the podcast name to that? EVERY show is the Really, Really Gay show.
    Hell, I dont think you can do a whole show without waxing poetic about some dude jizzing on your chest or some silly ‘misunderstanding’ which left you being teabagged.

    And even though Ive already spanked it a few times to nekkid pictures of Betty White (1940s card deck), I must say that beating your meat to either Laura Dern or Bea Arthur only confirms your flamingness.

    That said, it was the perfect title for a show about the reality TV garbage.
    Skipped that whole waste of time and pressed FF a few times and caught the show in less than 40mins. Very good.

    I realized you guys dont suck. You just need editing.
    If you listen to Howard Stern 5 hours a day, you realize that the show only has about 75mins worth of good material.
    Yeah, I compared you numbnuts to Stern. Take the fucking compliment and lets never speak of this again. Unless you somehow manage to make two good shows in a row.

  • Big Tuna says:

    ryan should definitely try to con his way into Sengoku.

    as long as he doesn’t end up as the can in the fight.