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The Low Blow Episode 53: UFC 84 live show

Here it is in all it’s glory, the recording from last night’s UFC84 show. While we started out pseudo-sober after drinking Bud Light all night, a few REAL Budweisers sorted shit out and we managed to pull the card apart quite nicely. 60 minutes of UFC84 talk, come and get it!


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  • ninjitsu says:

    Hah! Who had sex with who’s crush?!

  • Wad says:

    Wow, I have to seriously disagree with you guys and your bitching like women about Machida’s win. I thought he fought great. It may have been short on the frequent wild flurries, but it was smart clinical ownage and I think that whining about it like you are is the same as people who moan about grappling battles which are in fact some of the most interesting battles.

    Wanderlei is the the man. So nice to see him shut the haters up.

  • MickDawg says:

    Armchair quarterbacks.

  • Johnny says:

    The Machida-Tito match was my favorite of the night. Machida’s game is fantastic. Not boring at all.

    Ortiz took more damage, so to give him the win because of his “octagon control” would be ridiculous. Face it: Tito played to Machida’s strengths and lost because of it, just like everyone else has.

    And something else: a real pussy wouldn’t fight (beat) Tito Ortiz, who is actually kind of scary when you’re not drinking Bud Light.

  • Wad says:

    I think claiming that tito maintained octagon control simply because he kept moving fruitlessly forward is nonsense. If anyone, it was Machida who was in control because he was forcing the pace. People are saying Tito was forcing and that Machida was just backing up, but that’s not it at all. Tito came forward so Machida didn’t allow Tito to play the game he wanted. He stymied his takedowns and kept grinding on him with punches and kicks and never gave tito opportunity for a counter. It was smart fighting and I think smart fans can appreciate that.

  • allelbows says:

    “Ohhh I’m so Canadian, eh?”
    Lovely, I didn’t know that about beta males at all.

  • kentyman says:

    You pronounced something wrong.

  • P says:

    Machida did engage, you idiots, also he hurt tito badly and almost finished him.

    Machida didn’t back up either, he circled, and while he circled he popped tito in the face. thats what your supposed to do. Maybe you retards think that Roy Jones Jr is boring? lol, idiots.