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The Low Blow Episode 52: 1 Year Anniversary

It seems like every other week around here is a celebration of some kind of important date. It’s like an overly mushy relationship where you glorify every week and holiday and world event and menstrual flow. But this time the occassion actually IS important! One year ago we sat down to record the very first Low Blow, and now here we are … 45 hours of radio later. I hear there are those of you out there who have listened to all the shows, and not just inmates at Guantanamo Bay. For this I say thanks for listening to our uneducated rants.

For episode 52, we covered the rank potpourri of events this past weekend, from Sengoku 2 to the IFL. We also give you a little insight into what the fuck was up with the site last week. 45 mins of tight showage, fueled by the piss water also known as Bud Light!


Or listen to it in the audio applet to your right. Or get it on iTunes. Or through some strange mysterious act of wizardry.