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The Low Blow Episode 51: DREAMtime!

So last week wasn’t a total slacker week … we DID record a Low Blow. I just never uploaded it. Insanity, I know. Sometimes I get tired of shooting myself in the foot and try shooting myself in the face instead. Anyhow, enough about that – here’s last week’s show! We talk DREAM, the TUF coaches, and various other stuff. As far as Low Blows go, it’s a fluffy 45 minutes, perfect for your commute or those extra long poops. Oh, last but not least, you’ll still get a fresh Low Blow tomorrow as per usual.


Or listen to it on the snazzbot audio bar to your right. Or use iTunes, which is taking over the world anyways.

  • First of all, great podcast, even thought its a little short! (Thats what she said)

    Its very obvious that Van Damme is Cro-Cop’s hero, I love this Time Cop wannabe shit: I wish I could find a bigger version…
    What is with the creepy Mirko + Van Damme + Fedor love triangle? Research that shit!

    I am with you on that dick v. tits in comedy thing and it is a damn tragedy.

    TUF does suck. The finale will be good. Personally I like the Mir Nog TUF plan for next season. Thats a shit load of Jitsu, more Jitsu than US cable tv has ever seen! Oh, and this season of Survivor was the best ever… so your argument is not that good. Sorry dudes.

    Don’t feel bad about opening beers with your shirt thing. Sometimes they are slippery. (You are pussies)

    I am glad someone could explain the physics of Nick Diaz’s pillow punches to me. Hansen v. Eddie “Finely Groomed Eyebrows” Alvares is the fight of the year (pending BJ/Sherk). Mayhem Miller rules (Mayhem Monkey’s 4 life Eeee EEEEEEE!) Miller v. Saku is going to rule. Peace.

  • koolpaw says:

    WTF ?
    J-POP for the ending music? ewww


    Just some cheesy music to match the intro voice 😉

  • Joon4s says:

    Hell yeah, something listen to on my way to work.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Did all my dishes today thanks to this :-)

    For future reference, if you want to pronounce “Joakim Hansen” at least almost correctly you’d just say “You-a-kim Hansen”. That’ll get you as close as it gets, almost. The “Han” part should be similar to the “Han” in Han Solo, but not quite as long. But closer to Han Solo than to a hen. Anyway, the tricky part was Joakim, right?

  • Adam says:

    Quit hating on Nick…he’s entertaining, exciting to watch. What more could you ask for? If he wants to turn every fight into a slugfest that’s his choice. Silvia and Sherk fight to their strengths and look how entertaining they are.

  • kentyman says:

    You should’ve ended with a Bas Rutten “God speed, and party on… Wooo-OOOP!”

    Actually, that’s what I want to hear. Ryan, add Bas Rutten to your funny impression repertoire!

  • It would be the greatest story ever: “I fucked Lenne Hardt!”

  • kentyman says:

    Look at her masterfully hand-grind that microphone!