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The Low Blow Episode 50: MayLBag

So the podcast turned 50 today. Woop-De-Doo. The REAL big news is that this week was mailbag week, and we went through EVERY SINGLE QUESTION you guys asked us. No skipsies, and no dodges. As a result the show took 2 hours and 20 bottles of beer. If you eat the whole thing, you get it free! What a deal!

From the lightweights to heavyweights, the scrubs to the champs, the WEC to EliteXC (but no IFL talk), we cover EVERYTHING on the mind of the average MMA fan. This could very well be the best mailbag show ever, so I encourage you all to check this shit out.


Or access the magic black-colored audio box to your right to stream directly from this page. iTunes should also update very soon. Just remember, we’re the MMA Low Blow podcast, not the Prostate Cancer Low Blow podcast.