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The Low Blow Episode 49: The 49th Episode Extravaganza

Can words even describe the awesomeness that is the 49th Episode Extravaganza? I can only attempt to relate to you how wicked this show is … you’ll just have to listen to it yourself to get the full effect. We put a myth to the test: Is louder actually funnier? We also get into the nitty gritty of what Ryan was up to over the weekend instead of posting on Fightlinker (here’s a hint: it involves many penises … or is it penii when plural?)

Of course it’s not all cock talk. There’s always a little bit of MMA discussion: we delve into the UFC83 prelim fights as well as the upcoming DREAM card and where you can see it (here’s another hint: in Korea). Then it’s onto discussion on the UFC’s new belt-tightening, contract slashing mission and it’s ramifications for the sport. We also tackle the UFC teaming up with scalper site Stubhub and the latest volley in the Chuck Liddell / Kimbo Slice war of words. Oh, and we make fun of MMA Sunday School again. All this in a very tight 1 hour and 7 minutes.


or listen to it using the streaming thingamajig to your right. iTunes peeps should see the show sometime in the morning. People trying to listen to the show using sticks, rocks, or copper wiring are shit out of luck.

  • garth says:

    what a sneaky time of night to be posting it…i’d imagine that normal people are sound asleep or european.

    luckily for me i have crippling abdominal pain or i’d have missed the show in all its fresh, juicy glory.

  • DAMN IT Forgot that Dream 2 happens in the afternoon instead of at night and got Aoki vs. Calvan spoiled for me at Sherdog.

    At least I have my Low Blow to comfort me in this dark time.

  • Peterw says:

    Awesome, will have a listen later on tonight

  • catch says:

    Great, I was bored after DREAM finished.

  • I need me some Sherdog rape books for mothers day.

  • Pontus says:

    They got a south korean stream going on Dreams so you can download the fights now if you know where to look.

  • Lifer says:

    i feel uncomfortable having 2 single dudes tell me how to hook up with crazy amounts of women all while watching a bunch of naked dudes dance and attempt to fellate themselves.. that might just be me.

  • Trembling Eagle says:

    started off sketchy as fuck with the tales of male stripper

    BUT Goddamn that Sherdog rape kit skit was the funniest shit I heard all month


  • MadMan says:

    I guess the “manly” intro was to counteract the
    gayness of the impending male strip club story 😉
    Actually though, you do make a good point Ryan-
    in that, what better place to get your ‘hook-up’ on,
    than a room full of hot, squiming women with moist panties!

    Great show all-around though! I particulary enjoyed
    the George St.Pierre impression…BAAAMMM…nailed it!

  • Good lord those outtakes were awesome. But, on a ‘wait you guys aren’t THAT funny’ note I just talked all kinds of shit about your comments on Kimbo and the BetUS podcast from last week on our blog (rbd). I still love TheLowBlow though. Hey that rhymes! Kill me now.

  • P W says:

    Great show guys! Now it’s time to lay off MMA Sunday School though, you’ve made your point – they suck.

    You’re right – you don’t need any segments!

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    *thumbs up*

  • Rob Enderle says:

    i feel uncomfortable having 2 single dudes tell me how to hook up with crazy amounts of women all while watching a bunch of naked dudes dance and attempt to fellate themselves.. that might just be me.

    Best description of this podcast. Ever.

  • Guy LaFleur says:

    You should take some things to your grave.
    This is one of them.

    Having guys swing their cocks in your face in the name of an experiment?
    And you agreed?

    If ‘your friend’ had asked you put each others peepees in your mouth, all in the name of science and her ‘thesis’ of course, you probably wouldnt even have blinked.

    Im sure you were drooling about getting those tanned, rippling, muscular strippers in your guard or flip one over for some Hadaka Jime loving .

    Look, most people here think you’re fudgepackers and youre fanning the flames on purpose it seems.

    Here, Ill let the other people in to were your real regular hangout is:

    Youre an inch away from blowing each other while fingering through Georges St Pierre magazines.
    And that in itself is not the main problem: DONT SHARE WITH US IF YOU [email protected][email protected][email protected]!

    Either come out of the closet or slam the door.