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The Low Blow Episode 47: Yucky Yamma

Following up on last week’s ‘Yummy Yamma’ episode, we now fend off a Yamma hangover and try to put into words why the show was so bad it was actually kinda good … in a bad way. We also break down the Strikeforce NBC show, how good it was, and how effective it’s gonna be in bringing Strikeforce into the mainstream. Last but not least, we delve a little bit more into the Tim Sylvia vs Fedor fight.

Oh, and CONTEST! We’ve teamed up with the BetUS radio show to give you guys a chance to win some sweet Fightlinker t-shirts … FOR FREE! Wow! Listen to our radio show to learn half of the answer to our ninja skill testing question, and then listen to the BetUS radio show. Jason MacDonald will give you the other half of the answer, and then you can mail us with that at [email protected] to win some shirts from our store!

**UPDATE** I forgot the link. Me is stupid!

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