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The Low Blow Episode 45: Yummy Yamma

We covered so many topics it would take a novel to write it all out, so here’s an incomplete list of shit we talked about on this radio show:

  • Our socialist podcast
  • Edith
  • The Yamma and all things Yamma related
  • How to escape from the police
  • Evan Tanner’s return to action
  • Nate Diaz’s speech impediment
  • TUF7 and why the UFC are assholes
  • Joe Rogan getting turfed
  • PRIDE suing the UFC
  • DREAM coming to America
  • Naked guys in the gym

We are also holding the Mailbag episode ransom. What do you need to do in order to see your mailbag show alive? Take a listen to the show and follow the instructions or the Mailbag gets whacked!

Oh, such fun, in one hour and seven minutes worth of audio bliss!


or listen on or tall dark and handsome sidepanel thing. Or you can wait a few hours until iTunes updates your mp3 player with Low Blow goodness. Trust me when I say this, though: you don’t want to miss this episode. It’s awesome.