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The Low Blow Episode 41: Topical news extravaganza!!!

Well, we were a day late but we are most definitely not a dollar short. The Low Blow returns with 78 minutes of hard hitting news and opinion. Hah, just kidding. We just blab about the hot topics off the website. Those topics include:

  • Ken Shamrock getting beaten by some scrub
  • Anderson Silva wanting to box roy Jones Jr
  • The whole Fedor free agent thing
  • Tito Ortiz leaving the UFC
  • Rashad Evans vs Chuck Liddell
  • Crocop’s new opponent

There’s a whole bunch of other crossover in there like conversation about our favorite pornography, why we love the fans who hate us, and much much more.


Or play it using our oh so useful audio app in the sidebar to your right. iTunes users will see the show sometime in the next few hours.