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The Low Blow Episode 35: UFC81 Breakdown!

After mountains of emails chastising us for skipping a week, we’re back to our nearly regular schedule. Typically the Low Blow is recorded on Monday nights and released in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Hardcore editing slims the show down from 4-5 hours of hate-speech to a more manageable and slightly less offensive 45 minutes to an hour (up to 90 minutes when we’re feeling that sweet ‘bitches in a beauty salon’ vibe).

But we decided to deliver a day early this week to allay people’s fears that Ryan had died. Much like Castro holding a recent newspaper and discussing current political events on video, we hope this will assure people that he is very much alive and la Revolución lives on!

This week’s show was all UFC81 and how horribly wrong we were with our picks. We break down the entire televised event fight by fight, ponder why the Octagon seems to be Japanese kryptonite, and wonder if Alan Belcher needed a doctor’s note to duck Almeida. Always controversial, rarely factual …


Or use the flash player to your right for instant pleasures. Yes, we know that our iTunes is fucked, but we’re going to try and figure it out sometime today so there’ll be a post once we’ve fixed that. Till then, hold tight, iPeople.

  • threatis says:

    nice to see Ryan can own up to being wrong. Now if only he would stop touching young boys……

  • Jemaleddin says:

    You really are a Brock nut-hugger.

    And as a guy who TiVo’d the fight, I thought that Steve’s pause/point removal was valid. They give warnings for accidental blows, and there was nothing accidental about the way Brock was pounding the back of Frank’s head.

  • Márcio says:

    MMA Girl ain’t that dumb after all 😉

  • threatis says:

    “hey give warnings for accidental blows, and there was nothing accidental about the way Brock was pounding the back of Frank’s head.”

    thats fucking horseshit, he had one solid hit to the back of the head, and it was when Mir dropped his head while Brock was in mid swing.

    I’m not all up on the Lesnar love, but that call was 6 shades of bullshit.

  • fightfan says:

    I agree 100% with post 4. That was total horseshit to take away a point when Mir curled up and ONLY the back of his head was showing. ONE hammer fist and point taken away, B.S.??????

    Go back and watch the Griffin/Tibeu fight. He must of told Gleison 3 or 4 times not the strike the back of Griffin’s head. The ref actually grabbed his hand at one point when it struck back of the head. I think Gleison hit he back of Griffin’s head about 5 times at least…..with ONLY warning afer warning.

    Go back and watch every fight, You will see many strikes to the back of the head. It happens during every event and almost every fight I am NOT on the Lesnar wagon, either. Actually I dont even like him, but that was total horseshit.

  • Kalak says:

    Hey, that was actually quite good. Made med laugh a lot.

  • Smitler says:

    Heh…good episode…I love how funny you guys are but the cheesy cock stuff made me wince…and laugh of course.

  • #1 jackal says:

    is that true that forrest and diaz wouldnt do a interview with you guys. that sucks, who are you gonna interview??

  • We got the rebuff from Evan Tanner too, although they were very polite about it and said they weren’t doing ANY interviews. I told them I plan on volunteering to make the world a better place to EARN an interview. They said it doesn’t work like that. We’ll see!

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Were you guys watching a different feed? I don’t understand why you’re bitching about showing Emerson Nakamura, since the only fight they DIDN’T show was Martin/Eastman which was the worst fight of the night.

  • Well, we didn’t see the Eastman fight till AFTER the radio show. I wish we could see into the future, that would be FUCKING SWEEEEET

  • karat3 says:

    the reason japanese fighters suck in the ufc (exept for okami) is bcoz ufc cant compete in pay with the japanese orgs and therefor they won’t get the actually good japanese fighters unless they want to pay more then their marketvalue in the us. Therefor the only jap fighters in the ufc are the ones who got connections with the ufc like Naoyuki kotani or Nakamura x2.

    I bet you a ishida, kawajiri,sakurai or gomi would do very well in the ufc.

  • BossTweed says:

    Ah, I love me some GroupX. Those guys are actually really good live.

  • I hear they’re the laziest bastards ever.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Rock solid show guys!!!