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The Low Blow Episode 33: UFC80 Live Show

Yep, it’s all over for those of us who remembered that this event was happening at 3pm and not 10pm. If you happened to miss this, then what the hell is wrong with you??? It was freaking awesomeness to the 10th degree. It packs more punch than Jorge Rivera and Wilson Gouveia combined!

Download the show here, or check it out in our new and improved streaming applet to your right. iTunes hates us so expect that to show up on like Monday.

  • Wu Tang says:

    FU i missed it…

  • kentyman says:

    I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t hear a good rant about the scripted “I only want to be known as the best ever… is that too much to ask?” quote that BJ delivered like a complete fucking douche.