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The Low Blow Episode 26 : Cage Rage, GSP, and Edith oh my!

We cover a cornucopia of random topics including:

  • Fedor
  • Bo Cantrell
  • Cage Rage
  • sharing beer
  • fighting Sam Caplan
  • calling out Kid Nate
  • working out
  • Kid Nate again
  • Matt Serra pulling out
  • Matt Hughes shit talking
  • how much we hate Matt Hughes
  • who the UFC wanted to replace Hughes with
  • how pissed Karo must be
  • what to do in Vietnam
  • why Chuck vs Wand doesn’t mean much
  • Edith Larente is a horseface
  • Jake likes horsefaces
  • how boob jobs work
  • strawberry nipple podcasts
  • escorts on the internet
  • dirty abbreviations
  • how nothing goes away on the internet
  • comparitive hotness
  • the fightlinker seal of approval

Download the show here, or check it out using our handy dandy Talkshoe app to the right (yes, it is there RIGHT NOW!). iTunes should also be up and going, so you guys are all set!

  • Lifer says:

    now i see why the french accordion was so crucial. masterful.

  • RT says:

    Thoughts from a first time listener
    -Any one who thought the bo cantrell post was real is fucking handicapped
    -Big tits are sweet fake or not. As long as they arn’t completely immobile.
    -other then the british announcer dinks CAGE RAGE is pretty sweet.
    -Labatt blue sucks and corona is for girls and queers. Labatt 50 is the Shit.
    -Is Sam vs Fightlinker gonna stream from some where?
    -Kid Vagina should either put up or shut up
    -Matt Hughes is like every other evangelical Ive ever met slimy.
    -Jon Fitch is stupid but buying a pound of weed and an 11 year old for that price is hard to pass up
    – “Nipples hard as little rocks” Slapshot
    -The Internet is like Herpes and luggage that shit is with you for life.

    I thought the show was pretty good I knew I was gonna like it when fucking was used in almost every sentence.

  • MacDaddy says:

    I like real boobies too. Huzzah for the little boobies.

  • dulljake says:

    ladies and gentlemen, a Low Blow virgin!

  • Beau says:

    Been reading the site for awhile but this is my first time listening, mainly because I’m really bored and hungover at work today. I must say the shit was pretty funny and I’ll probably be listening to them from now on.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Yeah you first time listeners, take it from a long time listener:
    It’s usually a lot better than this :-p

    Great start though, I’m ordering the six disc casette tape special language class – could turn out useful when I’m begging for a title shot.

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Yeah the Swede’s right that was a pretty average show, listen to some of the older ones and you’ll piss yourself RT.

    Glad Jakes finally out, did anyone else notice his 2nd Freudian slip of the night? When you were talking about tits, Jake, you said you like Banana boobs? WTF? Unless this is some Canadian thing that I don’t get, your basically saying you like to suck cocks.
    Phallic tits? I read that the ideal tit size/shape for old school frenchman was one that fitted inside a Champagne Glass. But while your surname is sooo french you don’t sound like a Quebec freedom fighter so I’m just taking it as read that you love Cock.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Even us swedes say banana boobs (except not in english). They are (at least for us) the long ones that preferrably black women have, that start off pretty much where they should but end somewhere on the side of the ribs (sort of where Jardine kicked Chuck, if he had banana boobs he’d have been kicked in the nipple). Simply banana shaped.

  • Kalak says:

    How can you not like big tits? I´m confused..

  • Thomas says:

    For me the best part of the show is the begining skits.
    Question.. will the GSP six disc cassette tape special language class work for begging for a promotion at work or for getting some puntang?

  • RT says:

    Swede those are called orangutan’s titties where they point east west as opposed to northsouth. I’ll definately be checking out some older episodes thanks for the heads up.

  • Out of curiosity, what show do you guys think was the best??

  • Swedish guy says:

    Uhm, I really can’t say straight up, but there are a lot of shows that were great.
    Man I loved the lost episode (but that kinda presupposed (is that a word?) you’d heard a few before) and the mailbags are always great… and I absolutely loved the first one that had fake commercials, with the monster wrestling rings spoof, even though I can’t really remember the content except for the fakes…
    And then there’s more… and don’t get me wrong btw, this was by no means a bad show! I was just pointing out to the first time listeners that there have been even better ones.

  • Thomas says:

    onster wrestling rings spoof,

    my fav. also the Matt Serra spoof