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The Low Blow Episode 160: UFC117-palooza

Jake is back for this oh so special edition of the Low Blow where we … talk about MMA like we always do! It’s UFC 117 for the entire show, and we cover it from the first devastating blow to Roy Nelson’s face to the last fake tap from Chael Sonnen. One hour of MMA-ish goodness!

  • Tomotaka says:

    Update: As you may know Kimbo Slice is now in the The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Show Season 10. Kimbo has also partnered up with Tapout for new Kimbo Slice gear:

  • Tamas says:

    I just had to comment on my own post buacese the picture that my partner, Scott, put up is hilarious. That is why he is the man. I ask questions, and he delivers. I hope Diego doesn’t take offense. It is just funny. I guess if you don’t know about the cartoon, it may not be funny. My wife doesn’t think it’s funny and she watches the cartoon with our 2 year old every day. I think she is worried about me getting beat up by Diego. Just messing around Diego, I think you are awesome. But it’s still funny.