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The Low Blow Episode 153: Zombie MMA

The TUF 11 Finale and WEC 49 both get crammed into one episode, along with a description of the latest terrible MMA b-movie starring Heath Herring, Circle of Pain. We shit on the Palms as a venue, comment on Kenny Florian’s commentary, and discuss the novelty value in sexing up female ref Kim Winslow. What’s next for Keith Jardine, WTF is up with Matt Hamill’s back, and whether Court McGee is a ‘worthy’ Ultimate Fighter winner are all discussed. Varner vs Shalorus, bad calls, and pathetic 10k bonuses wrap up the WEC part of the show. It’s one hour of podcasting ear magic.

PS: The name of the movie with zombie MMA that we mentioned in the show is ‘Tokyo Zombie’.