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The Low Blow Episode 141: Spank Down, Down Under

UFC 110 is right around the corner and we have right here your comprehensive guide to the entire main card! We analyze Keith Jardine’s monkey arms, Mirko Crocop’s chances of making a Messiah-like career comeback, Michael Bisping’s chances of not getting raped, and George Sotiropoulos potentially becoming the biggest deal in Oz since Yahoo Serious.

As well, Jake gets himself in deep water when he predicts a Cain Velasquez win over Big Nog. Now half the bet is set: if Nog wins, he’s literally going to get spanked. And since he’s an unimaginative loser, he needs your help thinking up a shame based punishment for me if Nog can’t pull this off (not likely so don’t get your hopes up).

All this and much more in 50 minutes of podcast madness! Play it via the flash applet below or add us to iTunes via this link. Even if you’ve just got iTunes but never use it, how about subscribing through there? We just finally got ourselves on there (iTunes banned us originally) and it’s annoying being below the ‘Low Blow’ colon cancer show.