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The Low Blow Episode 135: It’s a Murrical!

So as you know we typically try to release Low Blows on Tuesday, but because the show we recorded last night sucked ass we decided to trash it and start all over again with more beer. And I’m happy to inform you that the second time was a charm!

In this one hour episode we talk about Brock Lesnar’s miraculous return, his shitting on the Canadian health care system (sorry, we’re socialist pigs to the core so you know what to expect here), Frank Mir getting another crack at the belt, and interim belts being given out like candy on Halloween before Halloween was largely killed by neurotic parents fearing stranger danger.

Past Brock, we examine UFC 108’s horrific 275,000 PPV buys, Fabricio Werdum probably fighting Fedor, whether Bobby Lashley and Herschel Walker have completely overshadowed all the awesome fights on Strikeforce’s Miami card, and what we think of the co-promotion vs one superleague debate. Last but not least we talk a little about selling out and the latest tv pilot filming segment (totally unrelated topics, mind you).

Listen to the show by streaming or downloading it via the flash thingy below. If you’re an iFiend, then our iTunes feed is right here so clicky clicky mother fucker.