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The Low Blow Episode 134: Back in the saddle

With both Jake and I back in the basement eating Cheetos in our underwear, that means we can resume our podcasting duties. And boy, did we have some catching up to do on. We decided in addition to talking about last night’s UFC Fight Night, 10-8 rounds or the lack thereof, and Gay Manhard’s extreme suckage, we’d also melange a potpourri of news items as well.

Included in this episode: James Toney’s UFC aspirations, the new A-Team movie preview, Dana White’s war against negative coverage, the UFC’s decision to start suing fans (preview: they’re fucking idiots for doing this and we explain exactly why), Blue Mountain State, and of course the news that Abu Dhabi now owns a chunk of the company.

All this in a 1 hour 25 minute show. Listen to it using the amazing stream technology below or add it to your iTunes with the click of a button. It’s like magic, motherfuckers!