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The Low Blow Episode 128: Cecil likes big butts and he cannot judge

If you’re still tearing out your hair and screaming “WHY, MMA GODS? WHY???” over the recent Brock Lesnar flu news and that Machida / Shogun decision thing, then do we have the show for you. We dish on Brock’s sickness and why it’s good news for the UFC … but not good enough for them to fake it. Jake and I also rewatched Lyoto Machida vs Shogun Rua to make sure I hadn’t pulled a Cecil Peoples of my own the first time I scored it.

Speaking of Peoples, we dissect his explanation of the call and take a look over the official judging criteria to see how it stacks up. Last but not least, we got around to watching the UFC 104 prelim show, so we got shit to talk about regarding Stefan Struve, Pat Barry, and Ryan Bader. All this in one hour, plus a bunch of perverted shit about dicks and pussies thrown in for good measure.