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The Low Blow Episode 123: Talkin’ with Michael Rome

I’m currently away from my home sweet home so we’re doing some skype stuff while I’m away … it’s hard to imagine that this is how most people do their shows regularly because it’s just not the same as sitting in the same room as the person you’re talking to. On the other hand, the power of Telephone Technology allows me to bring special guests from around the globe onto the show, so hopefully that makes up for things. The guest for this show? Bloody Elbow’s Michael Rome, who’s one of the sharpest tacks in the MMA blog game.

We talk about:

  • Quinton Jackson quitting fighting to become a movie star and his chances of Hollywood success,
  • Why Anderson Silva vs Georges St Pierre is suddenly a fight the UFC doesn’t want
  • How a lot of the problems the UFC is having right now seem like the start of the same problems boxing has
  • Whether Fedor vs Brett Rogers on CBS is an insta-win for Strikeforce
  • Why the ‘Strikeforce Challengers’ concept fucking sucks
  • If Strikeforce is going to drop the ball on women’s MMA or not.

35 minutes of probably the most insightful and intelligent conversation you’ll ever hear on the Low Blow, punctuated by my occasional fart jokes and cursing. Apologies for the light background fuzz, but trust me: it’s worth putting up with, especially if you’re a Strikeforce executive trying to figure out why no one gave a shit about last weekend’s Challenger show.