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The Low Blow Episode 119: The Coming Out show

This week’s show kinda focuses on UFC 102, but as usual goes off in all sorts of random directions. Old vs busted, Ryan’s boyfriend Keith vs Thiago the shark, how much Jake Rosholt sucks … that kinda stuff. We also discuss Matt Polly’s fight, grok what to do with old legends like Pat Miletich and Renzo Gracie, and complain once again about fighters rounding the edges off of their skill. Oh and Ryan totally comes out of the closet at least 20 times during the show. 49 minutes of tender realizations!

Download the show using the applet button below. If you’re an iTunes kind of person, you can also use our iTunes feed. Don’t just search for us. The only Low Blow you’ll find is something about colon cancer. We’re working on it, but if you haven’t figured it out yet let me share a secret with you: we’re idiots.