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The Low Blow Episode 115: Lengthy Issues

It’s the 115th episode of the Low Blow and now I’m starting to realize why Dana White keeps on trying to stop using numbers. After 100, it just seems silly to keep counting. This episode we talk about how Gina Carano is looking lately, what happens if the UFC becomes the only big show in town, and the scary possibility of 5 round non title fights. There’s a bunch of other stuff in there too as usual. 35 minutes of fight blabbo.

And I feel bad for forgetting to pimp our musical selection during the show, but for those who are interested this week’s Low Blow features music from jackal King Famous. We’re currently working on a theme song for our radio shows in slow ass Fightlinker style, so if you have some music for us to play, we’d love to hear it. And even if we don’t use it, it’s always cool to hear what you guys are up to.