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The Low Blow Episode 107: June / Roxy Mailbag

We’re shakin’ things up with the mailbag this month by including our favorite female fighter Roxanne Modafferi for 30 minutes of the fun. We (or should I say you) ask her about penises, boyfriends, Japan and I think a few fight questions as well. She also lets you in on what women are sometimes forced to wear ‘down there’ for protection.

As for the rest of the mailbag, it’s got more topics than you can shake a stick at. We talk Kimbo, the death of showboating, freakshows, Wanderlei vs Rich, Wanderlei vs Anderson, Lesnar vs Mir, MMAth, why Mayhem is the douche in his feud with Jacare, co-promotions, Dan Hardy vs Marcus Davis, UFC Undisputed, Mirko Crocop, Mike Brown vs Urijah Faber, Machida, Frank Trigg, our business status, the EA video game, Kongo vs Vasquez and a ton of other shit in between all that. The entire show runs 77 minutes long.

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