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The Low Blow 93: The Mike Brown Bandwagon Adventure

March’s mailbag has arrived, alongside a WEC breakdown show. We talk sweatervests, brutal knockouts, compare Razor Rob to Lyoto Machida and Mike Brown to Jesus Christ. Something like 20 minutes worth of bitching and whining, followed by the mailbag. Ass chins, celebrity death matches, dignity, death by brock, blaming farts on Anderson Silva, blaming fart porn on Brazilians, legalized nut kicking, and that’s just the first few questions! 80 minutes of standard Low Blow madness, plus Karo Parisyan gives you all a very important message.


Or listen to it via the stream below. We’ve re-applied for a new iTunes feed so it’s coming … as soon as those fuckers at Apple approve it we’ll give you a link and you can have this show delivered straight to your player.