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Lots of water under the bridge lately

Is the UFC on some sort of Reconciliation 2009 tour at the moment? First they sort out that Mirko Crocop shit and then Tito and Dana declare armistice. Now it seems like they may be ready to bury the hatchet with Pat Miletich:

Hell may be freezing over, because Pat Miletich and Dana White may make nice very soon.

Miletich recently told MMAInsider that he’s working with White to arrange a meeting between them in the coming weeks.

“I think we’ve both decided that it’s better that we’re not at each others throats,” said Miletich. “We’re both stubborn, and that’s our problem.”

There’s a dumb religious saying: when God closes a door, He opens a window. Unfortunately for Pat Miletich, Dana White is not as gracious as God (who’s not exactly a cheery dude to begin with either). If Pat wants to make up for several years of shit talking, he’s gonna have to do a lot of belly crawling and ring kissing.

How much and for what results should be interesting to see. Mirko and Tito bring a lot of money to the table so that skews things. If Pat manages to smooth things over, it certainly gives me hope that the UFC’s famous ‘enemies for life’ policy only applies so long as a fighter refuses to bend over and submit to the company’s will. And that’s a … good thing? I think?