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Lost in translation

During the UFC 97 post-event confusion there was a lot of apologizing going on, specifically from Dana White to everyone and Anderson Silva to Dana White. But it turns out that Silva wasn’t as apologetic as his manager Ed Soares translated him to be. Here’s what Anderson apparently said in Portuguese:

Contrary to his manager Ed Soares’ translation after the fight, Silva did not apologize for his performance.

“I did well in the fight,” said Silva in Portuguese. “I can’t always make you happy.”

Silva continued his condemnation of Montreal’s vocal MMA fans.

“Not everyone understands what they are watching,” Silva said. “But hey, you guys can boo if you want. You are paying my salary.”

And here is how Ed Soares relayed that sentiment:

“It’s unfortunate that things sometimes turn out that way, but when you’re not in here, it’s hard to tell what going on sometimes,” said Silva. “Sorry.”

I can see how that could be considered an accurate translation if you take the first statement and turn the douche level down from 10 to a 1. This seems to be happening a lot lately … word was that Cris Cyborg was also less than apologetic about her weight issues after her fight with Hitomi Akano than her translator made out.