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Lorenzo Fertitta: UFC 78 was one of the biggest successes of the year

Here’s a bit of a mindblowing quote from Lorenzo Fertitta in an interview with Kevin Iole*:

One of the greatest successes that we’ve had, for instance, is the last show we did in New Jersey (UFC 78 on Nov. 17). We had a fight being headlined by two guys who had never fought for a championship and, relatively, had never been proven to be pay-per-view draws. But we basically sold out the arena in New Jersey and we did very strong, above average, pay-per-view. So to me, while it wasn’t Liddell-Ortiz, that said more to me than one of what you might call one of our bigger fights did. It showed that our UFC brand can carry a whole show.

Correction: the UFC brand SOLD the show, it didn’t carry it. Lorenzo is basically bragging that they had a shitty show and it sold like hotcakes. Maybe if 78 had been a sleeper event like past Ultimate Fight Nights have been, it would be okay to be proud that the New Jersey show did well. As it stands, the kind of exposure garnered by 78 probably resulted in a lot of people saying the same thing they said after De La Hoya / Mayweather : “Well, that was fucking awful. I’m not gonna buy another one of these things again.”

*WARNING: Kevin Iole is at best an irresponsible source with clear conflict of interest issues, and at worse an incompetent no fact checking douche. Take whatever he covers with the world’s largest grain of salt.

  • lol you weren’t kidding about the disclaimer.

  • Ben says:

    God I heart the shit out of that disclaimer.

  • kentyman says:

    They “basically sold out the arena in New Jersey”? Then I basically got my money’s worth.

    No, wait. I didn’t pay for it, and I still didn’t get my money’s worth.

  • Tons says:

    The disclaimer is fucking classic, spit up my mountain dew all over my desk at work. The proceeded to slurp up all the Dew off the desk. Cant waste the Dew.

  • Big D D says:

    OOOOH watch out Retard Iole (that’s his name, right?)…Fightlinker be dissin’ your claim, punk!

  • twankydawg says:

    You are the fucking man, I love the disclaimer, that is fucking priceless. I knew you would do it but to actually see it on the main page is fucking wonderful!

  • UFCPreview says:

    I crack up everytime I see Iole’s stupid face as he sits ringside.

    He has this dumb spaced out stare….like he is daydreaming instead of watching the fight

  • vess says:

    How is Kevin’s position any different than that of any other sports writer who must weigh the pros and cons of revealing the total story versus half of the story? There is a fine line between maintaining journalistic intergrity and closing the pipeline of information. Softballing issues while keeping access to information is standard operating procedure for most sportswriters. The current baseball steroid scandal is a perfect example, only the most naive reader would believe that none of the sportwriters of the 30+ baseball teams knew anything about the use of performance enhancing drugs by the players.

  • And you’re saying that’s fine and dandy?

  • vess says:

    “And you’re saying that’s fine and dandy?”

    No, but the point I was trying to convey is that we do not live in a world of blacks and whites but rather many shades of greys.

  • Ryder says:

    I don’t much care about shades of grey……..I just care that that disclaimer is fuckin’ hilarious.

  • Royal B. says:

    If Iole is trying to keep it grey, I’m the Easter Bunny.

    Even the NFL acknowledges a bad game when they see one.

  • Xavier says:

    He’s not talking about quality, he’s talking about financials.

    This is exactly why the UFC doesn’t need to be signing guys like Fedor to millions of dollars, they can bring up their own draws that have more realistic expectations.

  • fightfan says:

    That is just the UFC laughing at all that pay for horrible PPV’s. They are laughing like little girls at the fact that they can put together an ABSOUTELY shitty card and people will still dish out 45 or 55 bucks!!!!

    That is what the success is. That is why I hate everyone complainng about poor cards, but they still pay for them!!!!! While people still pay for crap, they(THE UFC) will continue to put out crap and call it success!!!