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Lorenzo Fertitta does the webs

As part of what I suspect is a very strategic decision to involve themselves more with the MMA internet community, Lorenzo Fertitta was on the Underground Forums today shooting the shit with everyone. I know, they get billionaires over there and you get stuck with me and Reverend Clint. Anyways, the MMA Fiend went and condensed the conversation into news worthy pellets, and here’s a further condensation down to the news that interested me:

UFC 101 will be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 8th with BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian possible for the Main Event.

UFC 102 will be in Portland, Oregon on August 29th at the Rose Garden with Randy Couture vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira as the main event.

Says the UFC is working on getting into Brazil, but it looks like they will make it into Australia first.

Japan is impossible to deal with. UFC in Japan will probably never happen.

Randy Couture should be happy about fighting Big Nog in his hometown because there was some worry the fight was getting moved to Philadelphia. Now that BJ vs Kenny is supposed to go on the Philly card I only have one question: what will replace that fight when BJ fucks off again?

Past that, there are some countries you figure the UFC should be able to run shows in easily. Brazil is one. Japan is another. Why the UFC is so tentative busting into these places, I have no idea. Well, I kinda do. The existing fight politics of these regions are so fucked up that one mistep can sink you completely. When you think of how fuxored Japan’s scene is, it’s almost no surprise the UFC would rather build new markets like Germany and the Philippines than fuck with some of the bitchy existing ones.