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Loose lips sink ships!

So Mac Danzig is back and updating his blog with something a bit more substantial than pretty photos. As we reported way back when, Mac has spent the past few months participating in the Ultimate Fighter season 6. And while his initial blog was pretty good at revealing anything regarding the outcome of the show, he did let this little tidbit slip in the comments:

[Bulking up to 170] worked for me, but I have no problems saying that 155 is still my weight class, and after the show’s finale, I’ll be returning to 155 where I belong…

Well, right up until that comment, Mac was my uneducated pick for winning the whole show. Why uneducated? Because I don’t really pay that much attention to TUF and he’s the only name I actually like (or even really know, for that matter).

But considering the somewhat ambiguous comment, I’m starting to think he got stuffed by someone who walks around at 180 pounds. It wouldn’t be the first time either … in his Pride debut, Mac got absolutely tooled by Mach Sakurai. It’s no surprise Mac wants to return back to 155, but there’s just something about the comment that gave me the vibe he didn’t make it into the finals.

  • Ryan says:

    Maybe, but if he’s not one of the finalists, he could be fighting at LW right away (e.g. Thomas + Clementi) in the finale. The fact he’s fighting at WW for the finale probably means he is the finalist, don’t you think?

  • intenso says:

    all the TUF guys fight at the finale

  • Rick says:

    Dude, this article is stupid!… Look at the history: Kenny Florain and diego sanchez: BOTH WENT TO 170 after the 185 finale.

    Rashad Evans: WENT TO 205 immediately after the HW finale

    Joe Stevenson: WENT TO 155 immediately after the 170 finale

    Mike Swick: Immediately went to 185 after fighting at 205 on the show.

    The list goes on and on… not that great of a presumption, I’d say.

  • steve24 says:

    Off topic, but Jens Pulver is set to fight Cub Swanson on Nov. 3rd.

  • Jonathan says:

    MAn…I looked back over my old comments. I used to be so insightful. What happened?

  • Swedish guy says:

    He’s the only name i like too, “Mac Danzig”, sounds like some evil character out of a cheap horror movie.

  • intenso says:

    wasn’t Mac Danzig one of the opponents on Mike Tyson Punch Out

  • At first I thought it was the same Danzig from the heavy metal band Danzig. But that’s just TOO cool … almost as cool as some crazy lesbian vampire chick fighting in MMA!

  • Oh, and as for my Mac Danzig prediction, I stick by it! I know lots of guys dropped weight after the show, but the way he wrote it made me think he lost over it.

  • UFCUNknown says:

    Mac Danzig is in the finals of TUF.