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Look at Tito’s penis, you guys

In case you didn’t know, Tito Ortiz’s cell phone got ‘hacked’ and a very naked picture of him was sent out across the internets, where it will now live on forever and ever and ever. With this, Tito now joins the UFC Visible Penis Club, headed by President of Giant Saggy Balls Frank Trigg and Curator of the Pornographic Arts, Jon Koppenhaver.

As for this whole hacking thing, I find it interesting that it’s all happening now in the midst of a breakup with the potentially crazy mother of his children. Yeah, remember that time she told police Tito hit her? Well, those salad days are long behind the couple. So what’s a little logging into twitter and posting up some dick pics between such reasonable people?

There is a silver lining in this story that almost saw me barfing up my Fruity Loops several times. We now have a new troll game we can play with our MMA friends! Tell your friend about the craziest KO gif from last night’s TUF. Look at this super hot picture of Arianny Celeste! Dress it up however you want, trick your buds into clicking on it, and enjoy. It’s about the most fun you can have on twitter and facebook.

*Update* Jackal Shillyer with more details on that ‘hack’:

So, what I heard was that tito posted this photo to his snap fish account but did not keep it locked or anything. then he tweeted another pic of his account someone saw it thumnailed and went and had a look. That guy told a bunch of prople over on  the rogan board and one of them tweeted it to him. TMZ found out about ten minutes after the guy from the rogan board tweeted it.

The real deal for you ” target=”_blank”>hogwatchers after the jump…

Click Tito’s head for Tito’s head!