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Lloyd Irvin sick of being called a liar

You might remember that a week before UFC89, Brandon Vera was the victim of a home invasion along with his teacher Lloyd Irvin. Mega-blog Deadspin decided they didn’t buy it and their readers mocked Irvin, confusing combat sambo with samba the dance and basically showing that they have no fucking idea what they’re talking about.

To a degree, I don’t blame Deadspin for their initial knee jerk reaction to the Lloyd Irvin story … “Martial arts dude proves his mettle in movie-like home invasion” does sound a bit dubious at first – the kind of stupid shit a McDojo fraudster would pull. The big issue now seems to be that they never bothered to update the post which implies Lloyd is a con man. And because Deadspin is the monolithic blog that it is, people looking up info on Irving via the googles keep being directed to that negative article.

So now in an attempt to fix his reputation, Irvin has released a detailed account of the situation, it’s repercussions, and the fucked up 911 / police dispatch calls. The goal is to get Deadspin to remove or change the post so that people stop thinking he’s a liar.

To add insult to injury, Deadspin’s follow up posts on the story focus more on their opinion that Lloyd is ‘pestering’ them, rather than saying “Yes, Lloyd Irvin and his family were involved in a home invasion and we’re sorry we implied that was not true.” In fact, they never said anything close to that. Before the 911 call was released, the closest the author came to acknowledging Irvin’s story was to say “on the chance that it could be true, my snarky attitude in the post was quite probably inappropriate.”

Us ragging on sites for being snarky or mean would be about the most hypocritical thing in the universe – way more hypocritical than the many instances in the past where we have been hypocritical. But one thing we do around here is admit when we’re wrong and fess up to it. Thus far the Deadspin guys are acting like fucking pricks, refusing to add an update to the initial post which shows up whenever anyone looks up Lloyd on search engines.

I’ve got no pity for people that end up in the news because they’re drunk, stupid, high or whatever. But Lloyd didn’t do anything wrong. People busted into his house, threatened to kill him, and fucked up his family. So why exactly are the victims the ones getting cornholed here?