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Lloyd Irvin home invader was a serial killer

Remember that time bigshot MMA instructor Lloyd Irvin had people bust into his house with guns and he had to disarm / chase them off with his l33t martial arts sk1llz to save his family? It sounds like the police have finally caught the guys responsible, and one of them is apparently a serial killer:

According to Washington D.C. news outlets including WUSA-9, police now believe that one of the men involved in Irvin’s home invasion attempt is a suspected serial killer. The news station’s website says the Prince George County, Maryland police are holding a “person of interest” that police chief Robert Hylton calls a serial killer.

The suspect, whose name has not yet been released publicly, is being held on federal gun charges pending indictment in at least one murder case, according to WUSA.

“This person is going to be responsible for additional murders,” Hylton told the news outlet, who also reported that murder indictments could come next week. According to various reports, at least five deaths are being investigated in conjunction with the person of interest, who seemed to target mothers and daughters who lived together.

Man, whoever cased Lloyd’s house sure fucked the dog on that one. A son instead of a daughter, plus a martial arts master. Oh, and Brandon Vera too, but who’s scared of him?