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Lloyd Irvin: Faster than a gun

I once saw a sign at my gym that said “Gun and knife attacks are up! Take a Krav Maga class to keep yourself safe.” Fuck that! In my opinion, the best way to defend yourself from a gun or knife attack is by running the fuck away as fast as possible. It’s a simple cowardly defense, but surprisingly effective.

But what about those times where you can’t run away, like a home invasion and shit? Oh come on, that never happens. Well, except to grappling expert Lloyd Irvin and Brandon Vera. Check out this Bloody Elbow scoop:

According to Irvin, the two gunman held Irvin, his son, wife and UFC light heavyweight contender Brandon Vera at gun point while demanding to be directed towards valuables like cash or jewelry.

While one gunman held Irvin’s family hostage, another gunman directed Irvin to the the master bedroom. According to Irvin, he led the gunman toward his bedroom. Once in the bedroom, Irvin said he noticed the other gunman was far enough away down the hall to make a move to disarm the attacker in his bedroom.

Irvin, an expert in Sambo defensive gun and knife techniques, was able to get ahold of the gun in the attacker’s hands, first separating the clip from the gun and then removing the gun from the attacker’s hands.

Getting the clip out is some serious Jackie Chan style shit. Suffice to say when someone starts dismantling your gun while it’s in your hands, you’re probably outmatched.