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Liz Carmouche wants to fight Ronda Rousey

The sound of crickets chirping that you’ve heard over the past two weeks is the sound of all the women in WMMA clamoring to be Ronda Rousey’s first opponent in the octagon. Considering it’s a historic moment and a giant high profile fight, you’d think there would be more gamers but as of now not really. Several women with the qualifications wanna wait until women’s MMA is better established in the UFC in the hopes that it will mean a higher profile (higher paying?) fight. It’s also unclear whether there’s really gonna be a division or if it’s just gonna be women challenging Ronda Rousey. If it’s the latter, who wants to blow their first and only shot right now? Liz Carmouche, that’s who. She’s stepped forward and said “I’ll fight Rousey,” which is pretty cool. The UFC likes it when fighters step up, so who knows? Maybe this will be enough for her to lock in a place in history.