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Liveblogging the trainwreck

Brent Brookhouse over at Bloody Elbow will be liveblogging the Valentine’s Day Massacre event this Saturday, also known as the Ken Shamrock Trainwreck Express. Here’s his five reasons for watching along with him:

1) The co-main events of Ken Shamrock vs. Ross Clifton and David “Tank” Abbott vs. Mike Bourke feature men with a combined record of 3-16-1 in their last 5 fights. Of those three wins only one has come since 2005 (Clifton’s win over Angel Banuelos in September of 2007). That is 17 months since one of these four men has put a “W” on their ledger.

2) The combined record of the 12 “top of the card” fighters is 129-110-4 (win percentage: 53%). The best record of the card belongs to “Cabbage” Correira’s opponent Buddy Roberts at 6-1. Roberts resume does not include a fight with a single opponent currently holding a winning record (combined opponent record: 11-23). Roberts’ only loss was to Josh Hall. Hall has no other victory as a professional.

3) The 12 fighters have been defeated inside of two minutes a combined 30 times. They have been stopped inside sixty seconds a total of 16 times.

4) Mike Bourke alone has been stopped inside of 40 seconds 4 times. Three of those times were KO’s and one was an injury.

5) TUF veteran Josh Haynes faces professional punching bag Rafael Real on the undercard. Real went 0-3 in 2008 fighting a total of 2:39 in those losses.

Don’t expect to see me around that night … I’m actually going to be out interacting with women, as is the custom up in Canada where chicks expect a good deep dicking on Valentine’s day. Trainwreck MMA is always entertaining in a twisted kinda way, but it’s not enough to keep me stuck on my laptop this weekend.