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Live TUF premiere to feature mathematically implausible amount of fights

We’re less than a month away from the March 9th premiere of the newfangled live rebirth of The Ultimate Fighter on FX. Other recent ‘total overhauls’ performed by the UFC have been slightly underwhelming … replacing The Gladiator with a new intro does not constitute ‘changing everything’, nor does it forgive the continued use of Stemm, bro. So it may be hard for some to believe Dana White when he says this season of The Ultimate Fighter will be the bestest season ever, especially considering it’s all happening in real time.

Fortunately for the UFC, the live gimmick is a pretty sweet gimmick indeed, and it all starts with the two hour season premiere where we get to see 16 live fights. Yes, you read right. 32 fighters, 16 fights, 2 hours. It should be very interesting to see how the UFC manages to push that many bodies through the cage in such a short period of time. Will they do something tricky like two octagons going at the same time? A gong show buzzer that opens up a trapdoor to swallow lay’n’prayers? Time distortion via timecube mastery?

Whatever happens, it should be great. We’ll get to see a buttload of fights and possibly a production debacle / Dana White meltdown. All of which would make the season premiere of TUF a raging success by reality TV standards.