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Live, Dec 2nd: The Chael Sonnen Story

Chael Sonnen doesn’t deny taking testosterone before his fight with Anderson Silva. It’s right there on the pre-fight medical forms in his own writing: he took that stuff. But I’m sure he’s got a very interesting story as to why, and it sounds like we’re all gonna get to hear it on December 2nd:

Chael Sonnen will go before the California State Athletic Commission on Dec. 2 in Sacramento to appeal his failed drug test.

That’s according to CSAC Executive Director George Dodd, who today confirmed the appeal hearing with (

Sonnen failed a drug test in August as part of a UFC 117 submission loss to middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Sonnen tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone, which according to a subsequent CSAC statement, is “indicative” of steroid use. CSAC officials issued Sonnen a one-year suspension and $2,500 fine in the wake of the test. He had a 30-day window to appeal the ruling.

If we’re lucky, this could all be very wham bam thank you man, which would be awesome compared to the complete clusterfucks that were the Sean Sherk and Josh Barnett hearings that lasted FOREVER. Sonnen’s already agreed in writing that yep, he was taking testosterone. Now all we have left to hear is the reason why, and I expect a very Chael Sonnen explanation for that.

  • Márcio says:

    Whatever this asshole took I bet he took it in the form of a huge suppository.

  • Omomatta says:

    Guys, It’s blatantly clear.

    Everyone has thought for years that he has an issue with one of his ribs.

    But after a closer look and some mad scientific research I’ve learned that he is taking hormone therapy to keep his nooticles down in his ballsacular region. He was born with a fully developed uterus and from time to time they creep up and try to roll like egg dropping girly bits.