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A little perspective on the current title situation

After somewhat of a slump in big fights that ran roughly from UFC 105 to UFC 109 or 110, the majority of the upcoming cards look very promising, to say the least. Then again, my teachers used to tell me I had a “promising” future ahead of me. Considering the fact that I moonlight as a fluffer to pay the bills, I’d say they were a bit inaccurate.

Either way, this weekend’s card, headlined by Machida v. Shogun 2, looks epic, and so does the rest of the UFC’s summer schedule, especially UFC 116. With all these awesome cards coming up, it’s fairly obvious as to how the title fights match-ups in the near future are going to play out. Here’s a quick rundown, according to me:

HW: Lesnar/Carwin v. Velasquez
LHW: Machida/Shogun v Rampage/Rashad
MW: Silva/Sonnen v. Belfort
WW: GSP v. Kos/Daley
LW: Penn/Edgar v. Florian/Maynard
FW: Aldo v. Gamburyan
BW: Cruz v. Bowles II

Sure, there are a few variables here.

For instance, at any moment Dana could decide to do what’s right and have Velasquez fight Dos Santos for the next shot, but as of right now he’s only implied that Velasquez is a lock. If Rashad and Machida both win their respective fights, the UFC could conceivably give Couture another title shot as opposed to doing a Machida-Rashad rematch, despite how bad of an idea the guys at Cage Potato think that is. And who knows what the deal is with Belfort?

Despite those thoughts, I think for the most part that the fights I just laid out are pretty likely. Any of you brainless monkeys have any better ideas?

UPDATE: Added FW and BW thanks to Subo. Forgot to give the WEC some love, similar to the way my mother seemingly forgot to give me love as a child. That probably explains why the ladies have such a hard-time breaking through my rugged exterior.